Shopping Event With Fashion Magazine CHIC At COLONELLE

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Igår hade vi ett uppskattat shoppingevent hos COLONELLE tillsammans med modemagasinet CHIC. CHICs chefredaktör Charlotta Flinkenberg kom och berättade om höstens trender och visade hur man enkelt kan styla sina plagg och hur man kan omvandla en outfit från dagen till en outfit på kvällen. Varmt tack alla ni som kom och delade kvällen med oss och varmt tack Charlotta för ditt inspirerande föredrag.

Yesterday we had a popular shopping event at COLONELLE along with the fashion magazine CHIC. Chics chief in editor Charlotta Flinkenberg came and told us about this autumn trends and showed how easily you can style your clothes and how to transform an outfit from day to an outfit for the evening. Thank you to everyone who came and shared the evening with us and special thanks to Charlotta for your inspiration.
Charlotta in sweater and pants from By Malene Birger. Jill in dress from Dagmar, Faux fur jacket from By Malene Birger, pants from By Malene Birger, bag from By Malene Birger.
Jill (left) in top from By Malene Birger, me in dress from Dagmar and Rebecca in top from By Malene Birger.
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That sweater she is wearing is simply to die for 🏆

Svar: Yes, the sweater is lovely.

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