Catherine Klemets for Colonelle in BLK DNM

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The other day we got the chance to shoot Catherine Klemets for Colonelle. Catherine has worked in the fashion industry for a long time and currently works with sales at the cool label BLK DNM. All images you see Catherine in the clothes from BLK DNM and they are available at Colonelle. Visit our store at Karlavagen 48 in Stockholm or online at
BLK DNM Leather Jacket 1 i suede, 623.- EUR/ 5.999.-SEK. BLK DNM T-shirt 33 80 EUR/ 799.- SEK, BLK DNM Skirt 26, 311.- EUR/ 2.999.-SEK
BLK DNM T-shirt 33 80 EUR/ 799.- SEK, BLK DNM Jeans 22, 156.-EUR/1.499.- SEK
BLK DNM T-shirt 17 80.- EUR/799.-SEK BLK DNM Jeans 22 Subtiv Blue 156 EUR/1.499.-SEK
#1 - - Annika:

Snygga kläder och snygg modell! Henne vill vi se mer av. Kram

Svar: Tack, Vad kul att du gillar både kläder och modell:-)

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